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Denise Colette

About Denise

The Colette Technique was created by founder Denise Lamoureux’s quest for healing from childhood trauma and addiction. In her journey through several years and forms of healing therapies, she realized she was not getting better. Ms. Lamoureux realized that in order to have a different life she needed to create a different future and it could not be one that was influenced by the traumas of the past. She needed to create a new way of healing. She combined her education and knowledge in both western and eastern medicine to create The Colette Technique for Core Trauma Healing. 


Ms. Lamoureux started her journey as a successful restaurant owner for 26 years, yet even with all her success she struggled with anxiety, lack of self- love and an all-around belief of not being “good enough” in any aspect of her life. She went to doctors, neurologists, therapists, etc. Nothing helped. She found Chardonnay could relieve her anxiety but then alcoholism became her issue.


Feeling nothing was helping her she began studying Eastern Medicine. She is a Reiki Master, Theta Healer and IYS therapist. She studied mediumship with James Van Pragg and was in John Holland 's advanced Mediumship class.


In 2007 the building behind her restaurant  which was her office and food storage was stuck by lightning and burnt to the ground.  She rebuilt a building with almost zero funds and created a Wellness Center. Finding Feathers Wellness Center in Fairfield Ct.


This was an amazing time of education as healers and Gurus came from all over the globe. But Ms. Lamoureux still  found herself on a constant roller-coaster of addiction, happiness or fear.  On a return trip from India she realized she was missing something and began to study childhood trauma and the effects on the brain and the nervous system.


She spent years traveling to study the lectures with Dr. Gabor Mate. She has taken workshops with Dr. Joe Dispenza. She follows the work of Peter Levine, Louise Hay and Dr. Van der Kolk, to name a few. This is where she fell in love with her work and created The Colette Technique.

The Colette Technique—Core Trauma Healing is an innovative approach to healing. The Colette Technique allows the client and therapist to override the conscious brain and work directly with the unconscious. Which is where the trauma sits.  Remember—it’s not "what’s the matter with me?” but it is "what happened to me?”


The Colette Technique is a very quick solution to healing old trauma. Ms. Lamoureux’s love for her work has resulted in her practice having extraordinary results from long term issues such as, anxiety, addiction, suicidal thoughts, cutting, weight gain or loss, auto immune system illness, emotional well-being, physical problems and general overall dislike of the self and life.

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