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Success Stories


I started working with Denise last summer after being diagnosed with cancer at a young age. She supported me throughout my treatments and helped me deal with the unique issues I faced with compassion and love. She is a gifted healer and teacher, and gave me many tools that helped me endure chemotherapy, radiation, and the side effects that came with them. 


Soul healing has been an important part of my cancer journey. In our sessions, Denise helps me access and release trauma, anxiety, and negativity. I am endlessly grateful for Denise and I look forward to continuing to work with her! - Sage S

In my mid-forties I unexpectedly had a memory resurface of a traumatic childhood experience that I had repressed for decades.  When I shared this with my best friend, she said, “you have to speak with Denise!”  Not really knowing much about the work that Denise does, I arranged to have a call with her. On my very first healing, Denise was able to help me recall more repressed memories and release the trauma.  It’s hard for me to describe what this was like…the experience of the healing was powerful, uplifting, and transformative. It felt like a great burden was freed from me physically and emotionally. After that session I knew that I wanted to continue working with Denise. I didn’t know where this work would take me, but I knew that I wanted and needed to do it. I continue to have weekly sessions with Denise. Sometimes I have a specific question or situation that I want to work on. Other times I think I want to talk about one thing, but the healing goes into a different direction because that’s where the healing is needed.  Working with Denise has opened a door to spiritual growth that positively impacts every part of my life including family relationships and career.  I am experiencing more and more how we are all connected and how we receive divine guidance to help us on our journey.  I feel excited and curious about life again.  Releasing the trauma has felt like pressing a reset button on my life.  Thanks to my healing sessions with Denise, I can’t wait to see what happens next! - Janet

Denise has helped me navigate issues that have been holding me back for my entire life. Without her guidance and healings, I would not be where I am today. The healings have been more effective for me than anything else I have tried. I am eternally grateful for her powerful healing energy and guidance.– Kim

My weekly sessions with you provide me clarity in life experiences and guidance in my spiritual journey. To be able to open up with you and express my inner-most turmoils is immeasurable. I receive such compassion, understanding, unconditional love and profound healing through our work together. Thank you for helping me release negative energy and to gather positive energy, so that I can now embrace and empower my self, my family, my health and my career. My sincerest thank you and so grateful for you in my life -Cynthia xo

Brain Trauma

It all started with a friend of mine.” Your energy is completely off! You can smile as much as you want and try to fool everyone, but I am not buying it.” In all honesty, she had hit the nail on its head. There was absolutely nothing to smile about at this point in my life, so I thought. Nothing was honest and real. I was about to lose everything that was my life up to then and I could not hold it. I had lost myself. Fast forward, this friend introduced me to her Energy Healer, Denise. It has been a wonderful journey of getting to know myself, my past and my presence. Creating awareness of the powers of energy. With every healing session I reach my greater potential, a confidence and inner peace, a clearer outlook of what my next steps can be. Trust, that everything will be OK and is just OK. It instills a deep peace. I have reached a level where I enter a room again and my positive energy intoxicates. I have strangers walk up to me to tell me exactly that. Without Denise, without the incredible path of healing, I would not be where I am today. The work will never be done, as energies constantly change, yet I know I have an expert by my side who will make sure my vibration will never drop so deep again and will remain elevated. Thank you, Fiona

Roots Trauma Healing

I began working with Denise about 4 years ago~ since meeting her and beginning the journey of trauma release through her incredible healings my heart, soul, and outlook on life has been dramatically transformed. Because of her, I live a much more useful, purposeful, and peaceful  life~ and everyone in my life has been affected in a hugely positive way.

For years I was unaware of how to find a way to address my inner most unresolved fears and traumas....Denise has an incredibly intuitive and safe ability to guide and offers a nurturing and beautiful space from which to do this work. I could speak all day on the profound changes and growth I’ve been able to journey through with Denise as my healer - I didn’t realize most of my life I was re-experiencing and even re-creating painful situations that mirrored unreleased traumas from my past, Denise has brought me to and through the source of those pains in a gentle capacity providing me with new ways to experience life and illuminating the essence and serenity of letting grow. 

She embodies light, love, compassion, and wisdom like no one I have ever known. And has the ability to channel the purity of healing in a beautifully effective and authentic way.  -Ceara

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