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What is the Colette Technique ?


Core Trauma Healing. The Colette Technique is an innovative approach to healing. The results are freedom from long term issues such as: anxiety, addiction, suicidal thoughts, weight gain or loss, autoimmune system illness, emotional well-being, physical problems and general overall dislike of the self and life.


The Colette Technique was created by founder Denise Lamoureux’s quest for healing from childhood trauma and addiction. In her journey through several years of healing, she realized she was not getting better. Ms. Lamoureux realized that in order to have a different life she needed to create a different future and it could not be one that was influenced by the traumas of the past. She needed to create a new way of healing. She combined her education and knowledge in both western and eastern medicine to create The Colette Technique- Core Trauma Healing.

This is not just about your body or your thoughts. It’s about what happened in your life that made you feel the world is an unsafe place. 

Trauma Healing Colette Technique

The Colette Technique allows the client and therapist to override the conscious brain and work directly with the unconscious.  Memories we may have felt were dealt with years ago, but the emotions and beliefs are still stuck.  Trauma is not just words and memories it is also feelings and emotions. The belief I am not safe. The belief I am not good enough. Fear of Love. The belief I am unlovable. Fear of the unknown. An inability to have a happy relationship. Constant weight gain and the self-hate. Pain so unbearable we choose to abuse ourselves or let us be abused by others.


 Having these old beliefs and emotions stuck in the unconscious mind, also effects the neurobiological system, the body and the immune system. This makes people react to situations in extreme or over reactive ways. Addiction, depression, an inability to create healthy relationships and constant anxiety are just some of the emotional effects. Physical problems, and a vast number of illnesses are created by a run-down immune system created from traumatic experiences.


Keep in mind at all times that trauma isn’t just what happened, it’s how did the person feel inside. Also, be aware that trauma can be what did not happen. (i.e. lack of love or unavailable parent).  Trauma will be different for many. But it will affect us all the same. It will stop us from feeling free.  It will hold us back from truly being happy and it will do this without us realizing trauma is the cause. Unhealed Trauma will get us sick. It will lead us into addiction. It will bring failed marriages and relationships. Trauma is hidden.


The Colette Technique-Core Trauma Healing allows the client to release the traumatic experience from the cellular memory and unconscious brain in very unique ways. Each session is different but the results are the same. Immediate healing of trauma replacing it with new information or outcomes as each person requires. This allows the body to release the stuck experience/energy that is

causing illness and release the old negative thoughts and reactions in the brain. This will then create new synaptic connections in the brain.  These new connections actually have us think and react differently than we did before. Most often because we have released hate or fear. This allows are body to raise to a higher vibration for wellness and love to occur. This work also helps release the unconscious shields we put up to protect ourselves from love and success, which are there very things we have been longing for. Because of Ms. Lamoureux’s Eastern Medicine background she is able to assist and override the conscious brain for the client if the memory is buried or suppressed.


The Colette Technique is a very quick solution to healing old trauma.  Present day trauma can also be released at a very quick rate with even faster results.


The results are freedom long term issues such as, anxiety, addiction, suicidal thoughts, cutting, weight gain or loss, auto immune system illness, emotional well-being, physical problems and general overall dislike of the self and life.   Having found extraordinary results in her practice as a healer she began teaching and speaking about this technique to others.

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