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Looking At Addiction With Love

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I look at addiction with Love. I look at all parts of myself as a broken human being who was put back together.  Now that may seem strange. That may seem dramatic but it’s true. I lost parts of myself. 

Parts of myself slipped away. Parts of myself were left behind and quite frankly parts of myself really did not want to see what I was doing. So I ran away. But the person I ran away from was me. 

Trauma healing work has changed my life. It has changed the energy part of my being. Before I created the Colette TechniqueI was always getting healings about what was bothering me in the present moment. But focusing on what was bothering me in the present was not healing the past and was not going to do anything to help me with my future. I needed to get to the Core. 

The Core was where I needed to be. I needed to see what went wrong and how as a CHILD I felt about it. Not as the present adult. 

The present adult can logic away anything. The conscious mind can wrap its logic around the fact that that was the past and perhaps even “it made me who I am today”. But that’s doesn’t help the 5 year old child inside. In fact, it ignores her. It ignores her entire existence and that’s what we do.  We forget she exists and we pushed her down far far Away. But we react from her!!! Because deep in caverns if our soul we feel her pain. We know her cry.  We have heard it before and we hate it. It breaks our heart and causes us much pain. So we use a substance, a person to make it go away.  No more pain.

The Colette Technique is Core Trauma Healing.  It overrides the conscious brain and gives the unconscious a chance to speak up. When the unconscious speaks it might hate it, it might feel, but it sets us Free.  It sets free all the pain we have been hiding.  All the not good enough we have been afraid to share. And shows us that we are amazing.  That we are beings of light that can be set free.  That can make extraordinary differences in the world just by being me. The real me. The new me. The me that has been hidden away. 

Pain is nothing to run away from. It’s to embrace as you would a child and then let it go.  That’s what the body is meant to do. HEAL. That’s what the brain is meant to do. HEAL. 

Join me in this extraordinary experience. This journey of life that lets us change who we thought we were and become we who were meant to be.  HEAL. Transform. Change. Love. Live.

Trauma healing will change your entire existence and quick. I am so grateful every day for this new being I have become and I am overjoyed to share it with you; The Colette Technique-Core Trauma Healing.

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